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Ethically made from the Ocean

We are Orso

Being sustainable and ethical in all of our business practices is at the core of our values.We aim to create a brand that supports and empowers women of all backgrounds and sizes—a brand that not only leaves a minimal footprint but also gives back to the world.

Orso was created on a mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry and utilize existing plastic waste to create the most comfortable and durable clothes available.

We aspire to build a brand that is socially accountable and trusted, ensuring that every piece of clothing you wear has a net positive impact on the environment, making you feel good inside and out.

Welcome to Orso, let's make a difference together!

Questions from the community,
Answers for the Earth.


orso  /ór·so/

As a women-focused business, we intentionally chose the name to exemplify women's remarkable courage and ability to adapt to life's constant changes while remaining strong.

We aim to support, empower, and cultivate a strong community—a unified Orso family—where all women feel included, supported, and represented.

What efforts are you making toward sustainability?

From the ocean to your clothet, we are intentional about our commitment to sustainability.

Design - Our clothing is crafted for durability and timelessness, moving away from fast fashion trends.

Production - We use GRS certified recycled materials, ensuring authenticity and maximum comfort while reducing waste.

Shipping - Eco-friendly shipping methods and recycled packaging minimize environmental impact.

Returns - Returned items are either resold or donated to avoid landfill waste, ensuring all clothing is put to good use.


Our Recycled Nylon

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” At Orso, old fishing nets are our treasure.

Every year, up to 1 million tons of fishing gear are lost at sea, endangering the lives of marine animals and our whole ecosystem. We are heartbroken to see marine animals getting stuck and slowly dying away, and that is our motivation to work with partners who collect discarded fishing nets and turn them into the soft, ultra-comfortable Orso fabric you know.

Orso is dedicated to reducing ocean waste by repurposing old fishing nets into sustainable, ultra-comfortable fabrics. Collaborating with partners, we collect discarded fishnets from the Pacific Ocean, carefully clean and shred them, and then process them into raw materials for our clothing. Our commitment to sustainability includes ethical manufacturing in WRAP-certified factories, guaranteeing fair labor practices and compliance with local laws.

How do we know you are being truthful?

Orso’s certifications come from third-party organizations that have no bias towards our company. They make sure their standards are met and that we are transparent with our community. Our certifications include the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, and the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP).


How can your fabrics impact my health?

Micro-plastics can be scary, which is why we have opted for OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified fabrics that cause no harm to both humans and animals. For better durability and to avoid microfibers that can shed from all synthetic fibers, we recommend washing our leggings separately in a washing bag or filter. Air-drying is also preferred.

How do you give back to the community?

Orso is committed to giving back to the community through partnerships with local yoga studios, offering free yoga sessions to foster local business growth. Furthermore, our collaboration with CleanHub empowers disadvantaged communities by providing employment opportunities for ocean cleanup initiatives around the world. Our goal is to reduce plastic waste in the oceans while simultaneously helping lift people up.


What are your future plans to become even more sustainable?

We aim to manufacture all of our products from 100% recycled materials from the summer of 2024, thus reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, we commit to reduce our environmental footprint by removing even more plastic waste in the future.

Together, let’s step toward change.