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Orso is committed to always put people and nature first. We recognize every decision matters, which is why we carefully choose ethical partners and eco-friendly materials. Join us in building a socially conscious community that prioritizes the wellbeing of all.


Our clothing is crafted from recycled nylon sourced from old fishing nets. The Global Recycled Standard verifies the content of our recycled materials, as well as good social, environmental, and chemical production practices.

What this means for you is that by purchasing from Orso, you are choosing fabrics that reduce harm to humans and nature, from the moment the materials are recycled to when you purchase our final products.


All of our products are manufactured in WRAP-certified factories in Vietnam. This means every worker has access to a safe and healthy workplace respectful of local laws and regulations, as well as internationally recognized standards. Thus, our facilities abide by all of WRAP’s 12 principles, such as the prohibition of child labor, harassment, abuse, and discrimination.


All our textile partners adhere to the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. This certification tests every thread of our fabric to ensure it is free from substances harmful to humans and animals. Rest assured, you can wear our clothing from morning to night without worrying about your health.


Orso is a proud partner of CleanHub, whose technology monitors plastic waste from collection to recycling. This ensures full transparency as we share our progress in the combat against ocean pollution all over the world. We want to express our gratitude for the amazing work they accomplish and your role in making this partnership possible.

Join our journey, Make it shine.